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Benchtop Autoclave Hire

We provide both short term / emergency hire and long term lease arrangements on our range of Mocom and Cominox Benchtop Autoclaves.

Each Autoclave includes a built in thermal printer or a USB datalogger recording system for recording cycles, easy to use controls and will process a selection of wrapped and unwrapped cycles at either 121 or 134 degrees.

Our clients include Medical Centres, Podiatrists, Dentists, Eye Centres, Laboratories and any facility with a sterile requirement.

Longer term lease arrangements are for a minimum period of 3 months and thereafter renewable monthly. The lease covers all validation and servicing costs, the only cost that you will ever pay is the monthly rental. This protects you from any costly breakdowns or service requirements.

Please call us today – 0800 436 324 – to discuss your requirements and let us put together a solution to suit you.