Purchasing a new Autoclave is a significant expense for most practices, here we have attempted to give some guidelines on types of Benchtop Autoclaves & relevant standards. Please do refer to each of our Autoclaves individual web page & pdf file for detailed information about what it is designed to do.

The relevant local sterilization standards are AS/NZS4815:2006 and AS/NZS 4187:2015. These cover best practice procedures and also set minimum standards that your autoclave should comply to – click here for our testing & validation page

These include:

  • having a system that records each cycle, i.e. a printer or data logger
  • having a closed door drying cycle
  • having an autoclave that removes air from the chamber by drawing a vacuum

Please do feel free to call us – 0800 436 324 or email us sales@emech.co.nz if you would like further information about these standards.

Benchtop Autoclaves generally fit into 2 categories – B class and S class. B class Autoclaves run a triple vacuum fractionated pulse for air removal and are suitable for sterilising type A hollow instruments, these are instruments where the length of cavity to diameter is greater than 1:5. An S class Autoclave runs a single vacuum pulse and is not suitable for sterilising type A hollow instruments. Either of these class autoclaves will sterilize solid, wrapped, porous and simple hollow loads.

We generally recommend purchasing a B class sterilizer, this does not limit you or your practice in any way and means that you can sterilize any instrument that is capable of being put into an autoclave rather than having to consider whether it is a class A or class B type hollow. Purchasing a class B autoclave also protects your practice against any change in your procedure or any change in the sterilization standards that may happen in the future.

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Providing local service backup and support is a key requirement for us. When you purchase from us you can be confident that not only are you buying what we think is the best steriliser on the market but that you will also receive support and service from a locally trained technician. We’ve invested in training technicians nationwide so that there is a support network of qualified technical people who understand your steriliser and how to support, maintain & care for it.

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