Water Quality – Why is it so important?

The quality of water going into your autoclave directly affects its performance & longevity.GP Image There is no other single element that directly impacts your steriliser as much as water quality.Poor quality water can dramatically reduce the working life of your autoclave and can even invalidate your warranty. In general terms water quality is measured in TDS or Total Dissolved Solids per liter – the TSD measurement of water going into your Autoclave should be 20 or less.

How do I get good quality water?

You can either buy good quality distilled water or you can have your own internal water source such as a water distiller or a reverse osmosis filter fitted directly to your Autoclave. Never use tap water or any water quality that you are unsure of. Regular testing of your water quality with a TDS meter is also recommended.

Water Distiller

Buying a Water Distiller is the most cost effective way of producing high quality distilled water. A Water Distiller heats tap water up to boiling point condensing the steam vapor into pure distilled water suitable for use in your Steriliser. Its important to remember to clean the distiller of scale & contaminants regularly. A Water Distiller produces 4 liters of distilled water every 7 hours which can be stored in a sealed container.

Water Demineraliser

A Water Demineraliser attached to your Autoclave is a simple & effective way of purifying & distilling tap water. The MOCOM Mill-drop connects between your tap and your steriliser and provides an activated carbon filter, a reverse osmosis membrane and a ion exchange filter that that purifies ordinary tap water, stores it and allows your Autoclave to draw on it.

Bottled Distilled Water

Buying Bottled Distilled Water is often the easiest way to access purified distilled water. We don’t recommend buying water from a supermarket or chain store – buy your water from a proper reverse osmosis source where it has been certified and tested. Our distilled bottled water is checked for compliance and accuracy with a TDS meter.

TDS Meter

A TDS Meter measures total dissolved solids (TDS) per liter of water and is a common and simple way of measuring water quality. The display gives an instant reading and provides an assurance that your water quality is what it should be.

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