Blood Pressure Monitoring

What is Blood Pressure?

Blood Pressure is a measurement of both systolic and diastolic pressure values. Systolic pressure occurs when the heart muscle contracts and forces blood into the blood vessels while diastolic pressure occurs when the heart muscle is relaxed and the heart is refilling with blood. The measurement in mmHg provides information on how hard the heart has to work to adequately supply the body with blood.

The World Health Organisation has given the following guidelines in evaluating Blood Pressure:

Normal Blood Pressure
Systolic      up to 140mmHg
Diastolic      up to 90mmHg

Elevated Blood Pressure
Systolic      140 – 160mmHg
Diastolic     90 – 95mmHg

Critical Blood Pressure
Systolic      over 160mmHg
Diastolic     over 95mmHg

Traditionally blood pressure is measured by a GP or nurse through use of a sphygmomanometer and a stethoscope, we sell a range of both aneroid & mercury sphygmomanometers & dual headed stethoscopes – click here for more information.

Blood pressure can be monitored over a 24 hour period with the results recorded and able to be downloaded to your computer for evaluation, we sell an Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor that measures results for up to 48 hours – click here for more information.

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