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We have put together below a list of error messages & corrective action to take if your scale is weighing incorrectly, as always please do feel free to call us for a calibration check or on site service visit.


Scale displays error message 6 or 7

Corrective Action

When the scale reads and error message 6 or 7 the display is not recognising the load cells. Check the load cell cable & ensure that it is plugged in correctly

The scale does not turn on

Check the batteries & replace if required, if using an adaptor try using another power outlet, check to see if the red indicator light is coming on

Scale not weighing correctly or will not zero out

Check the evenness of the floor surface that the scale is sitting on, the scale may require calibration

The display reads “LO BAT”

Please replace the batteries

Scales reads “OVER”

The scale weight exceeds its capacity, also check that the scale is not touching a wall or other object

Scales read “UNDER”

The scale is trying to register a reading lower than the tolerated weight

Scale gives inconsistent readings

For new scales ensure that all shipping blocks & tabs have been removed,ensure that the scale is sitting on a level flat surface

When the scale is turned on it reads “NO LOAD”

Ensure that the load cell cable is plugged in correctly

Scale display reads “MENU LOCK”

Press & hold the Menu button for 20 seconds to deactivate the menu lock

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